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DEF CON 28 SAFE MODE Hacking Conference

Human Plus

Human Plus

Purchase the Human Plus Discord Role

First, select one of the PayPal buttons below to purchase a $20 USD Human Plus role on the DEF CON Safe Mode Discord server.

After you complete your purchase, you will be redirected to Discord. (If you don't yet have a Discord account, you can create one along the way.) After you're logged in, you'll be asked to authorize the DEF CON PayBot, which will grant you access to the DEF CON Safe Mode server and grant you the Human Plus role.

Choose Authorize.

Afterwards, you will be redirected back to Discord.

Is this a badge?

Human Plus is not a physical badge; it is a special role on the DEF CON Safe Mode Discord server that allows for some special permissions. See the main Human Plus page for details.

How do I recover the role?

If you leave the server and lose your role, all is not lost. You can restore Human Plus by visiting This will only restore it to the Discord user that originally received the Human Plus role.

If I am banned, can I recover the role?

If you are banned from Discord or the DEF CON Safe Mode Discord server (e.g. for violating the Code of Conduct), you may not recover your role, and you forfeit your payment for Human Plus without refund. Please don't do anything to get banned. Human Plus is only available to Discord users able to join the DEF CON Safe Mode Discord server.

Can I deauthorize the PayBot after I get my role?

Yes! In your User Settings (look for the gear icon), go to Authorized Apps; when you move your mouse over the DEF CON PayBot entry, a red Deauthorize button will appear. Click that.

Where do I buy it?

Right here: